A philosophy that has always been attentive to sustainability

Since the Teruzzi winery was founded, the commitment of the whole team has focused on the enhancement of Vernaccia di San Gimignano via an approach that combines a strong innovative spirit with constant regard for sustainability.

This commitment has been consolidated since 2016, with the acquisition of the company by the Terre Moretti group which embraces the same philosophy.

The good practices adopted by Teruzzi

Among the good practices adopted in the vineyard and in the winery:

  • Abolition of the use of chemical fertilizers
  • Adoption of the practice of green manure to enrich the soil in a natural way, incorporating plants that are sown or that grow spontaneously between the vine rows into the soil.
  • Use of marc and pomace waste for compost production
  • 50% reduction in the use of pesticide products
  • Soil management through conservation techniques
  • Reduction in water and energy consumption.

When it comes to sustainability, however, there are three parameters to consider: environmental, economic and social sustainability, i.e., towards employees as well as consumers.

Equalitas certification

Thanks to the adoption of these good practices and the drawing up of the Sustainability Report, Teruzzi obtained Equalitas certification in 2022 as a Sustainable Organization. This is a certification that evaluates the sustainable approach of a wine producer across all its business activities and, therefore, embraces the three areas of environmental, social and economic sustainability.

This represents the first step on a long pathway whose aim is ongoing improvement, involving each person and every action undertaken in every aspect of the vineyard.